Immortal Modz - Reckoning RDA - Heat Treated

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The all new and exciting Reckoning is the next page in innovative design from Immortal Modz. It is a 25mm diameter RDA with a vertical clamp system designed with both performance for the cloud chaser and offerings to the coils gods kept in mind.

With a spring loaded positive center post and opposing negative posts, it can handle whatever build you can come up with. From simple mesh to "heater inlaid mohawks", the Reckoning from Immortal Modz can handle and propel your vaping and coil creation experience to the next level.
We have all had an experienced the others in the industry. Now the time has come due, to take on The Reckoning.
  1. 25mm top quality stainless deck
  2. More than multiple air flow control options.
  3. 11mm drip well! WHAT? Thats right, an 11mm drip well! to keep wicks wet, and clouds coming.
  4. Spring loaded center positive post for ease of coil or any element installation
  5. BF pin included with spare spring, 510 pin, and clamp hardware.
  6. Endorsed by Mr. Curtis Mulisha, CCSL superstar and one of the heaviest hitters in the cloud comp game!

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