Elite V3 - Black Silver Splatter

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The Elite V3 

Being the successor of the "Elite V2", the Elite "V3" incorporates both a "top" and "bottom" clamp system mutating it into a Quad Clamp Design!

This can be adapted to a enable fitting standard Dual coils much easier due to the clamps being staggered in height or, simply going all out with quad coils! Either way, the Elite V3 has it covered.

The double slot adjustable airflow allows every possible airflow configuration to be used at your disposal.


28.5mm Diameter

30mm Tall

4mm Deep Juice Well

24mm Build Deck

Includes BF Pin

New Quad Clamp Design

Double Slot Adjustable Airflow

Fits Apocalypse, Rapture and Redemption Drip Tips

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