Apocalypse 25mm RDA - Mech Lyfe Titanium

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Part Number: IMRTL-Apoc25-MechLyfe-Titanium
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The Apocalypse 25 By Immortal Modz takes the Apocalypse design to new heights with continued improvements over the last design. With a locking cap design to always ensure optimal airflow and recessed screws integrated into their classic clamp design, it's better than ever before!

  • Embroidered Felt Bag 
  • 25mm Outer Diameter
  • Single or Dual Airflow Option 
  • 5mm Airflow Holes 
  • Teardrop Airflow Control 
  • 4mm Deep Juice Well 
  • 7mm Build Clamps 
  • Conical Cap
  • Silver Plated Stainless Steel Deck 
  • Serialized Decks 
  • Classic Apocalypse Clamps with recessed screws 
  • Spare Screws/Clamp 
  • Spare Orings 
  • Bf Pin 
  • Locking Cap 
  • 26mm Total Height 
  • Original Fin AFC ring And Bottle Cap AFC

This is a Cloud Chasing Sport Device, NOT designed to be used with Nicotine

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