Limited Edition - Gear Apocalypse 25mm RDA - Teal Black Splatter

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Part Number: IMRTL-Apoc25-Gear-TealBlackSplatter
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Part of a limited edition run, there are only 500 of each colour being made.

The Apocalypse 25 By Immortal Modz takes the Apocalypse design to new heights with continued improvements over the last design. With a locking cap design to always ensure optimal airflow and recessed screws integrated into their classic clamp design, it's better than ever before!

  • Gear Style AFC Ring 
  • 25mm Outer Diameter
  • Single or Dual Airflow Option
  • 5mm Airflow Holes
  • Teardrop Airflow Control
  • 4mm Deep Juice Well
  • 7mm Build Clamps
  • Conical Cap
  • Stainless Steel Deck
  • Serialized Decks
  • Classic Apocalypse Clamps with recessed screws
  • Locking Cap
  • 26mm Total Height

This is a Cloud Chasing Sports Device, NOT designed to be used with Nicotine

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