Aliens - Anonymous Coils

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A crumbly biscuit filled with a generous portion of raspberry jam.
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  • 5 wraps
  • .12 ohms Dual (approx)
  • 3x 27g ni60 36g ni60 fuse
  • 3mm ID

.12 ohms duel coil these are made with the finest nichrome 60 wire from High Wire, perfect for regulated mods. Set at 80-90 watts for a cool vape and if hotter vape is what you like then aim around 110-120 watts.

These are hands down the best coils for flavour, perfect for single coil builds especially for Squonkers.

For mechanical mod users these give a fairly decent ramp up and Clouds, perfect for making those batteries last a little bit longer.

With the proper installation and care these coils can last up to 4 / 5 months

Each set comes complete in a presentation tin and includes cotton (Muji)

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